1. Maya

    Pot with swastika stamp

    I recently acquired a bonsai pot with a swastika stamp on the bottom. I've noticed that it's notably heavier than modern pots. I'm curious to learn more about the artist behind this unique piece and the historical context of the swastika symbol in bonsai pottery. Any insights or information...
  2. Maya

    Antique pot?

    Today we purchased this pot. It is heavy (thick walls) with a rough finish (bit nanban ish). The pot lacks any stamps or makers mark. The only provenance is that the pot was imported from Japan purchased in Osaka. Any thoughts on this pot?
  3. arbonsaiart

    Discover Potters: Now Live. Discover almost 300 active bonsai potters worldwide.

    Hello everyone! First time posting and I'm excited to share with you all my latest project, 'Discover Potters' on my website arbonsaiart.com! ‘Discover Potters’ is a free online resource for the bonsai community to discover active bonsai potters worldwide! Whether you’re looking to support your...
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