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    privet bonsai . unkown pot.
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    Privet in an unknown pot.
  3. H

    Sumo Privet Ligustrum 14" Base

    I dug this tree out about 6 weeks ago. Took 4 weeks for buds to appear. Freebie on Craigslist. Last picture, where the lizard is at, is a new bud popping. Hoping for another bud higher up. But this will do if not. I'm amazed at the healing calluses already. These trees are trully indestructible...
  4. Hartinez

    Smaller Yard Privet progression

    Starting a thread on a privet I acquired from a friends yard last summer. Not the biggest in the world but still has a good size trunk. It sat in pure pumice through last summer fall and winter and I re potted this spring and let grow. It had a large dead protrusion straight out the top that...
  5. P

    White spots on trunk and lower branch of Privet

    I was given a Privet bonsai in April as birthday present. After shaky start have sorted watering regime and things were going well except! Lower Trunk has a white spots developing and lowest branch as well. the lower branch is losing leaves although some fresh grow. Unfortunately leaves are...
  6. daudelus

    Privet stump... getting smaller

    Here's a privet stump dug about 4 springs ago... it has developed fairly well I think, but I have been negligent with applying wood hardener, so when I brought it up to work on it, there was plenty of soft wood to be removed... I had recently purchased some dental tools on EBay ( $4 for a set of...
  7. Ryan H

    Privet Help Please

    Hello! New to the forum but not to bonsai. Recently bought the Chinese privet below and seem to be having problems with the correct water levels? Maybe? Have had the tree about a week and notice some leaf wilt, tips are graying, some small drop. I know they tend to like higher humidity so...
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