1. Deep Sea Diver

    Black Hills Spruce Raft - Initial Design and Progression

    Greetings! Received a Black Hills Spruce raft 9/22/2022 from Andy Smith at Golden Arrow Bonsai. It has four trunks and a somewhat eclectic layout, with great promise as a practice project. Here’s a suite of screen grabs from Andy‘s preview movie taken just before it was sent here. Andy had...
  2. micahmcgrath

    An Odd One - Progress Thread

    Thought I'd share an unusual, semi-recent addition to my collection. Below is a "cutleaf" sort of a US native buckthorn *almost* as purchased. Repotted on March, 7 2021. Fairly large root reduction: Grew well through summer: After leaf drop. Love those colorful buds! Wired up later that day...
  3. RJG2

    Five Year Native Tree Challenge: RJG2's Ulmus rubra (slippery elm)

    This should be interesting, if I can pull it off (out of the ground). This elm was cut down at ground level for a fence. The right side grew back into a full tree. I kept running over the left with the lawn mower, and after rotting away a bunch, it looks like the edge of a crater - this is...
  4. 1

    Raft style reading material

    So my X-Mas tree (spruce, Picea pungens) survived the holidays. It was grown in a pot and I gave it lots of water. It's about 1.40 meters high and I'm planning in making a raft of a portion of the trunk. I was wondering if any of you had some good reading material on how to create a raft? Also...
  5. petegreg

    11th Floor Separatists

    Sorry for a title, but it's how it is. I'll start with my oldest Chinese elm. Mallsai... couldn't find a way to use this ugly trunk. So went ahead and did this this spring. Last week these were ready to be separated. I love manual works! ... checking roots and potting. And this is what...
  6. Creeping Juniper (Raft Style)

    Creeping Juniper (Raft Style)

    Bonsai Artist: Mr. John Naka Species: Juniperus horizontalis Exhibited At: Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection This raft style juniper is over 40 years old, and has been a bonsai for 33 years. The photograph was taken in late afternoon on a bright fall day. The construction of the displays at...
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