rapid decline in health

  1. M

    Please help. Why is my Olive Bonsai Tree Dying?

    I recently purchased an olive bonsai tree for a great deal on Instagram from a small, unknown company. The tree was shipped bare-rooted with sand soil, so I repotted it in the largest bonsai pot I own with an inorganic mix of pumice and akadama. There is still some green under the bark, so there...
  2. B

    Need help with Azalea, Please!

    Hi Bonsai Nuts! I am currently having some major issues with my azalea. It has been losing leaves for the last three week. The leaves have been losing color; turning brown, black, and the tips of some of them have been turning brown as well. I was not having any sorts of problems with the tree...
  3. KoyoteGnomely

    HELP!!! Fukein Tea tree took a turn this week for the worse.

    So back in August I got my first bonsai, the Fukein tea tree (ehretia mircophylla).Anyhow after reading hours of content and watching 3 start up videos in a row, I was ready for the transplant. My pot has to weep holes in the bottom about the size of a nickel, so I covered them with plastic...
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