repotting help

  1. S

    Repotted Tiger Bark

    Repotted this ficus Tiger bark. Can’t help wonder if the pot is too small though. Trunk was bigger than I thought under the surface. I probably trimmed a little less than half the root mass. Should I A) repot this right away in something bigger B) repot it in a year in something bigger C)...
  2. K

    Silk Mimosa Tree numbers

    Hey, I am new to planting anything, but i have managet to germinate some silk mimosa tree as well as black pine. My question is however, i got quite small pots (biodegradable ones) but i planted a few seeds in them, not knowing how much would survive. After like 2 weeks, i got like maybe 3cm...
  3. Harewood Hobbyist

    Rerepotting "yamadori" Douglas Fir?

    I've recently decided to "do bonsai" which for me means kind of jumping in. There was some raod work near me in January and February and I dug up 17 small tho pleasingly gnarly Doug Firs that were in the path of the work. For the most part they had good feeder roots and because of the...
  4. JuniperSol

    Fukien Tea, emergency repot - Advice needed!

    So I might get a bit of backlash for this one, but I fully accept that. My mom rescued a Fukien tea from a clearance rack and it seemed fine for about two weeks. Then we found out it had fungus nats that wouldn’t go away. I just now did a repot with inorganic bonsai soil (Boon mix) and a tiny...
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