1. H

    Not Ficus Retusa?

    I got the following tree labeled a “13 year old Ficus Retusa” however I am quite sure it is not and could use confirmation before I request a refund. The leaves are not correct and the “aerial roots” to me appear to be just buried branches (poorly also).
  2. D

    Ficus Retusa suggestions

    Hi, First post! I got a ficus retusa mallsai two years ago for 30 beans. I'm pretty new to bonsai but I made some basic styling attempts since. Here it is today with it's big bro: I'll let it flush out a bit again before touching it as it's been a little weak since it's repot a while...
  3. E

    Ficus Akadama Repot Leaf Drop

    Hello, I repot my Ficus Retusa on Saturday (20th), going from a pretty decent nursary soil to an Akadama/lava rock mix. Soil choice where I live (Switzerland) is pretty limited, so I went for this house blend from a good shop. I went for the Akadama mix in the end as also an experiment, just to...
  4. cockroach

    Roach's Fici

    Thought I would start a thread I will periodically update. Not regularly. Sporadically. I have a few ficus that now have pots or will be getting soon. Some that I need help choosing a direction on and some that are just starting out. The first one is my Literati cascade. I like this one. It...
  5. Clicio

    And so this is Xmas... Summer, Ficus, defoliation...

    Well, folks, here in Brazil summer came with strong and regular 90'sF every day. So I thought "what about defoliating that mallsai I am trying to save"? And believe me, in one week it is surely back-budding like crazy! Plan is to prune and defoliate again in late summer to fill-in the empty...
  6. FICUS #3; 050215

    FICUS #3; 050215

    1st time wired; needs root work this summer
  7. Retusa root over rock

    Retusa root over rock

    ficus retusa ror root over rock
  8. Ficus Retusa

    Ficus Retusa

    My mallsai from Walmart. Not bad for ten bucks. Brought it home and took off the glued on rocks then potted it in the pot its in now. I plan to let this one grow out for a while and then wire it into shape. Then last but not least find a suitable pot when the time comes. I know its not a nice...
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