root graft

  1. p_anova

    Ugly acer needs help! Trunk chop or root graft

    Hello all. I actually bought this guy for my mom on Mother's day maybe 10 years ago from the DC Arboretum convention. She put it in a pot and just left it. After years of neglect, she gave it back to me and I am trying to sort it out. No real nebari to speak of and the branching has tons of...
  2. markyscott

    Japanese Maple Clump from Bennie Badgett

    Bennie was a long time member and past president of the Austin Bonsai Society. He was a gracious man whom I only had the privilege of meeting a few times. On one of my visits, Bennie gave me this tree. Bennie was quite well known in the area for his maples and azaleas - he propagated them...
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