rooted cuttings

  1. B

    Damaged seedling re rooted - now what?

    A squirrel chomped half a dozen of my Japanese Maple seedlings in July. In a panic, I put them in a clear shoebox sized tote I was using to grow moss (sphagnum and harvested from a rock). I had 0 expectations of success, and to my surprise one vigorously rooted! The roots are sandwiched between...
  2. T

    Crab apple tree cuttings

    Hey everybody, I want to plant some cuttings of my family's crab apple tree, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. Any suggestions? I've attached a picture of our tree below. Best, Tom
  3. Aaron S.

    Tiger Bark Ficus

    I was wondering if anyone has a source for tiger bark ficus. I have been trying to find a seedling or cutting but so far I can find only styled trees that cost a lot. In the late 1990's a local nursery had a real beautiful (It looks great if you could overlook the fact that it was planted in a...
  4. parhamr

    So I bought 225 native tree seedlings…

    …what a time to be alive! This Weyerhaeuser nursery in Oregon produces 11 million seedlings each year. They’re sold in bags of 80–200; here’s what you see when opening a bag of 125 Western Hemlock: Our friend @Vance Wood has bemoaned that the nursery trades do not make these species readily...
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