1. Wulfskaar

    Considering using this rock

    I am considering using this rock in a ROR composition. I would like to use one of my 3 year old JBP's. 1. The rock cracked and split along it's original plane of deposition as I was hammering on it. I think it looks pretty cool. Will this cause issues down the line? 2. Is the pictured 3 year...
  2. FreshAirSunshine

    FreshAirSunshine's 2023-2026 ROR Contest Apple Submission

    Not yet a ROR, but I think that's where I'm going to take this collected apple. Recently bought at a club auction and still in field soil. The branches and curve make me want to something semi-cascade-like, but I need some convincing way to get the trunk majorly tilted. Am I stupid thinking...
  3. R

    Rutger78 2023-2026 Root over Rock Contest

    Came across this contest and thought it might be fun to join with my (wild) rose. I was considering placing it over a rock anyways. Grown from seed over the past 3(?) years. Possibly Rosa rubiginosa or similar. Removed some branches previously but extended quite a lot so gave a heavy pruning...
  4. bluone23

    blueone’s 2023 ROR chaenomeles x superba

    Found today at the market a chiped statue I planted the quince on top Var. Fire Dance And everything is all packed and wraped See you next year
  5. James W.

    2023-2026 ROR Contest rules

    1) To start immediately and end December 1, 2026 (4 years). No closing date for accepting entries. 2) Entries should be from the families Moraceae and/or Rosaceae. 3) 'Rock' may be anything as long as the roots are displayed growing over, around and/or through it. 4) Number of entries per person...
  6. James W.

    Mugo ROR, rock too small?

    I started this mugo pine root-over-rock in 2018. Sorted out roots in 2020 and washed it off again last weekend to check the roots. I could have waited another year to work it again. This time I am dissatisfied with the way it is going. Mainly, I think the rock is going to be too small for the...
  7. JBP_85

    End of Season Update

    Hi Everyone, With summer ending I wanted to give an update on how my RoR Trident Maple progress as well as share some other progress pics of my other trees. I've taken the advice of others here and decided to just let the seedlings grow. I think they've done quite well bit welcome thoughts...
  8. faker

    Zelkova ROR project

    I've been working on this Zelkova for a few years now and wanted to start a thread to track progress and get some feedback. 2018: Repotted this year and changed the angle: I think I'll be planning a major chop/cutback sometime this year or next year depending on how fast it grows. Poorly...
  9. James W.

    When should I check them roots?

    I have several root-over-rock I have started in the last 5 or so years. Juniper, Chinese elm, trident, JBP, mugo, cotoneaster, rosemary. My question, how long should I wait to dig one up and check the roots? I do not want to wait until the roots are not fixable, but I am afraid too quickly or...
  10. IMG_20190220_143412.jpg


    Elm on a rock in a pot
  11. IMG_20190220_135824.jpg


    Elm on a rock
  12. IMG_20190220_134806.jpg


    Elm and a rock
  13. Saddler

    Cypress sitting on a cliff ROR, help needed.

    I bought this cypress last spring with the intent of putting it on this peoce of jade but didn't have a box big enough for it. After forgetting about it for the winter, I just found my grow box so I need to repot it tonight or tomorrow. Opinions on where I should set it on the rock. I consider...
  14. PhotonGrapher

    Rocky - RoR Trident @ Spring Break

  15. Saddler

    RoR Acer P. on Nephrite

    When I moved into my townhouse almost two years ago, a maple had been growing from seed in an overgrown pot in the backyard with roots that went almost straight down. I was gutting the yard and nothing was going to be left back there so it either had to die or get repotted. I have a few pieces...
  16. Retusa root over rock

    Retusa root over rock

    ficus retusa ror root over rock
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