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    Elm on a rock in a pot
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    Elm on a rock
  3. IMG_20190220_134806.jpg


    Elm and a rock
  4. Saddler

    Cypress sitting on a cliff ROR, help needed.

    I bought this cypress last spring with the intent of putting it on this peoce of jade but didn't have a box big enough for it. After forgetting about it for the winter, I just found my grow box so I need to repot it tonight or tomorrow. Opinions on where I should set it on the rock. I consider...
  5. PhotonGrapher

    Rocky - RoR Trident @ Spring Break

  6. Saddler

    RoR Acer P. on Nephrite

    When I moved into my townhouse almost two years ago, a maple had been growing from seed in an overgrown pot in the backyard with roots that went almost straight down. I was gutting the yard and nothing was going to be left back there so it either had to die or get repotted. I have a few pieces...
  7. Retusa root over rock

    Retusa root over rock

    ficus retusa ror root over rock
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