1. ShadyStump

    Feed Me Bonsai

    So, 2020 has been an interesting year, and I have no reason to suspect 2021 will be much better. In the interest of not being caught off guard my wife and I are planning a HUGE garden for the spring, including planting some fruit trees. This will undoubtedly take up almost all of my time, and be...
  2. walawelo

    Starting a Rosemary Bonsai

    Hello Everyone, I was sent today to fetch rosemary for roast chicken. I saw this plant with an interesting trunk and root flare and couldn't help myself (technically I showed up with rosemary lol) . I can see at least 3 options for good front but not quite sure which is best. I was hoping for...
  3. Dane Kofoed

    Rosemary pre-bonsai is dying

    This established nursery rosemary was obtained in the summer, kept indoors in well lit area until winter. Now we have less light coming in, furnace is drying the air out, and it's been lightly pruned a few times (for shape and to thin it out). It has gone from full and lush to browning needles...
  4. aframe

    Rosemary progression - old, slender and twisted

    The May 2017 - finally heathy and vigorous. I pruned for structure and pulled down some branches. I'm glad to see other bnuts posting up their Rosemary's
  5. RileyJFDB13

    Rosemary Repoting, Is it possible??

    From everything I have read everywhere the general consensus is that its darn near impossible to repot a rosemary or cut off thick roots without loosing the plant. This is extremely unfortunate as they have amazing trunks and live veins when very old. But in saying this there has to be a...
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