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    Acer griseum

    These trees were ice damage trees from a wholesale nursery, and I got both of them by “donating” to the pizza fund. The nursery used a tree spade to dig them so they came with about 400 pounds of field soil apiece. How I got them.
  2. B

    50+ year old landscape boxwood trunk cutting

    I found a 50+ year old boxwood that was intended for someone's yard, but never got planted. This thing has some height to it, and I want to scale it back. It has multiple trunks with a rather large main section where the trunks meet. Can I get away with chopping all the trunks at once, or would...
  3. ColinFraser

    First Foemina

    Yes, a confirmed foemina sighting! Man, they are sharp little buggers! This is my first - just having some fun and practice with it. I forgot to do a proper "before" picture, but I remembered to snap one before the top came off at least . . .
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