1. M

    Does pot shape matter?

    I have a 10 month old ficus benghalensis as well as a 10 month old ficus religiosa. I'm trying to work on developing their radial roots and wanted to know if the shape of the pot matters (round vs rectangular vs square)? I'm assuming round is best for developing even radial roots?
  2. trigo

    On round pots, must the apex always break the lateral boundary?

    Ryan Neil says that on round pots the apex of the tree must always break lateral boundary of the pot, do you guys agree?? i see lots of round pots with centered trees on them... with their apexes also centered. If one goes with an harmonic design, shouldn't the pot also be symetrical with the...
  3. O

    Tiny, Round, Brown-ish Jumping Insects

    Hey all, Happy spring (if you're in the spring'n part of the world.) I've got some tiny insects I haven't seen before crawling around on the benches in my yard. I'm wondering if anyone could identify them. I haven't had much luck googling. They seem to be crawling around on my wood benches, I...
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