1. Ferg91

    Stratification/Germination Acacia&Sakura

    I’ve tried germinating acacia and Sakura seeds three times now from purchases on Amazon I now purchased more viable seeds from individuals on Etsy. I was just looking for other people who have successfully germinated these and to see if their method was different than mine thank you.
  2. R

    Getting my second tree as a seedling, help me get setup for success?

    Hello all, please forgive me for the rambling. I'm not quite sure what info is most important, so I may share too much. I've long been interested in bonsai, and last year I picked up a 5ish y/o Fukien Tea that I've successfully managed to not kill so far. I've always been interested in cherry...
  3. BeneficialCucumber

    Fuji Cherry Ramblings

    Hello everyone! My tiny Fuji Cherry tree is now exploding with growth. I'm trying to lay out a long term plan for it while it freely grows this season. I've always liked the design of single trunks in deciduous trees, especially in cherries. Is it worth it getting rid of the side trunk(s) for...
  4. Ericanoel6

    Cherry blossom seeds & Yoshino Cherry cutting

    My prunus serrulata seeds came in today as well as Yoshino cherry. I know how to stratify the seeds. I am starting off with a 24 hour soak in warm water. All of the seeds sunk!! I am thinking part cold stratification and part with seed starting mix to germinate. The seeds are from June 2020...
  5. Clicio

    How hard can I prune a Japanese Cherry in the fall?

    Should I prune it now (end of summer here) or should I wait for the winter?
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