1. Bigggtuna

    Long term progression sapling maple tips

    Hi all, I’m looking for some tips on long term progression of red maple saplings. I harvested this sapling from a field last year and it’s overwintered wonderfully buried in this plastic pot. Because of the angle that it’s growing, I want to eventually show this as a shohin semicascade, but at...
  2. B

    Sequoia sapling

    I have 2 inch sequoia sapling, i live in CT zone 5. Will it survive the winter in a clay pot outside?
  3. P

    Not sure what to do for my maple

    Hi everyone! I’m new to bonsai (honestly new to long term plant care in general) and I’m not sure what to do for my maple sapling. My boyfriend gave this one to me at the beginning of August and we potted it in this pot at that time. I’m worried about drainage as I live in the PNW in a North...
  4. BeebsBonsai

    Seedlings/Saplings for little cost (I will pay shipping)

    Hello everyone, I am posting here as someone who has a very small bonsai collection, all of which are still in the developmental stage, and am looking to broaden my collection with some very young starters that I can work all the way up to mature trees over the course of my life...
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