scotch pine

  1. L

    Lorax7 Scots Pine #1 progression

    Nursery stock I got a few years ago and transplanted into a training pot. Started an air layer this spring using moist sphagnum. Checked it this fall and there seems to be a little callus forming but no roots. Saw a post on Bnut that said Ryan Neil uses pure akadama with a top dressing of...
  2. Koenye

    Scots Pine - After care

    Hi everyone, I just gave this pine a first styling. I’m quite new to pine trees. Can you guys give me tips about aftercare? so: fertilize? Sun? Water? Etc. thanks a lot!
  3. lillarch

    30+ Year Old Pinus Silverstris “Beuvronensis” in 5 Gallon Pot

    I have a 30+ year old Scots Pine in a 5 gallon pot that has only received water and never left the pot. I would like to prune and shape it. I am wondering if there are any extra considerations I should have when pruning such an old, pot bound tree. Also, how much of the roots can I remove, say...
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