1. PowerTap

    Moving a JBP outside

    I have a friend that has a ~6yo JBP that he has grown from seed. He has kept it inside in a bonsai pot forever. He now has a house he could put it outside and I've convinced him it would be best. I'm not sure if it would be better to move it now in our unusually warm and dry Seattle October...
  2. BenBSeattle

    Seattle Bonsai Auction by the Puget Sound Bonsai Association

    Hope to see some the local Seattle and Pacific Northwest Folks at the Auction this year.
  3. BenBSeattle

    Japanese Black Pine - Seattle area

    Big Boy, Japanese Black Pine for sale and for pick up only $1500
  4. BenBSeattle

    My Magnolia Ann Bonsai 1yr Progression Video

    This is a progression video of my Magnolia Ann Bonsai tree that was created from Nursery stock. I bought this tree from West Seattle Nursery. It's turned out better than I had hoped and should produce more flowers year over year as it ramifies. The nice thing about this variety is that it...
  5. BenBSeattle

    1yr video progression on my Japanese White Pine, Nursery Stock

    Here is a nursery stock Japanese white pine that I worked into a bonsai. This is a 1yr progression video. It's not the best material but I'm pretty happy with the results and the it was definitely fun to work on. Being stuck at home I've had more time to work in the yard and make more videos. =)
  6. BenBSeattle

    Ben from Seattle

    Hi My Name is Ben from the Seattle area. I've been a big fruitnut for years I've got about 350 varieties of figs and various other fruits in my yard but more recently have gotten into Bonsai. My father was a big bonsai guy. He has fallen ill recently...
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