semi cascade

  1. Baku1875

    Baku's consolidated bucida spinosas/molinetti thread

    Consolidating all of my bucida spinosa/terminalia molinetti tree progressions and work into a single thread to keep things less spammy. I appreciate and welcome any constructive criticism, questions, suggestions. The poll is for the first tree. This is my 2nd biggest one, has kind of a long...
  2. Bigggtuna

    Long term progression sapling maple tips

    Hi all, I’m looking for some tips on long term progression of red maple saplings. I harvested this sapling from a field last year and it’s overwintered wonderfully buried in this plastic pot. Because of the angle that it’s growing, I want to eventually show this as a shohin semicascade, but at...
  3. Baku1875

    Bucida spinosa 2 semi cascade boogaloo

    Another bucida! This one was a bit stagnant and after learning about soil composition, I decided to get it out of the fine akadama/cocopeat and get it in a training pot with pumice to give it more aeration and vigor this summer. Some potential opportunities here, semi cascade is going to be the...
  4. MattE

    Serissa styling and advice.

    Hey all. Just wanted to show you a serrissa I just picked up. I got a good deal on it and fell in love with the semi cascade. I tool the wires off as it was to tight and left on to long. A if some of you have styling ideas please share thoughts. B it's in horrible soil right now. Very muddy...
  5. AnutterBonsai

    Accidental semi-cascade orchid!

    Coworkers threw this poor little one in the trash after it spent it’s blooms. Have been able to nurse it back to health and accidentally re-potted it semi-cascade haha! Always love it playing nurse and seeing plants bounce back.
  6. Hartinez

    Nursery Shimpaku Progression

    This Shimpaku can also be found in this thread Here. Along with another nursery shimpaku found. The other one was put in the 3 year vault so I decided to start a dedicated thread for this Tree. I bought this tree September of 2020 and left it be till this spring. This tree was part of a...
  7. Fishtank307

    Semi cascade to literati

    Got this little shimpaku last year. When I bought it, it wasn't in very good shape. Very pot bound, lots of yellow foliage. I repotted it last summer and nursed it back to health. The branches are getting a bit leggy. I just cleaned it it up a bit, opening the canopy to get some more light and...
  8. Zac chandanais

    Juniper styling assistance

    Hey guys! been a while since I’ve been on but it’s good to be back. The last three years I have been traveling to ND for work 6 months at a time. Long story short, I left my girlfriend in charge of watering my trees and came home to a bunch bacon in pots.... luckily I was (and still very much...
  9. iHasaki

    Ficus duo, anyway semi cascade

    Hey there! A few years ago i bought this ficus. I think the base/trunk is a different variety than the foliage(Ficus Ginseng and Microcarpa. Supposedly to make it more attractive I guess. Now since short a branch with different leafs popped out of the Ginseng trunk. So perhaps it will grow two...
  10. jordystokes

    Cascade/Semi-Cascade inspiration?

    Looking for trees out in nature for cascade or semi-cascade bonsai inspiration. Anyone have pics or a link to a website for such a thing?
  11. A

    Unknown elm

    Hello a friend gave me this elm(still not 100% sure if an elm) in a semi cascade style and said he dug it up here in Missouri Should I leave it as it is or take the wiring off And if anyone could give me a positive id I would be very grateful Thanks for your help
  12. boguz

    Ulmus (semi cascade)

    Hi all Here is my ulmus tree. It has approx. 10cm of trunk. I want to work semi cascade with this tree. There is no wiring done on this tree, just cut&grow.
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