1. D

    Coastal Redwood w/ Inverse Taper

    Hey all, I’ve been scouring my local nurseries for a redwood I could turn into a bonsai. I finally found one that is a good size. After taking it home, I discovered that it had some pretty significant inverse taper on the lower trunk. I’m planning on letting this grow in a 15 gal pot for...
  2. B

    Sequoia sapling

    I have 2 inch sequoia sapling, i live in CT zone 5. Will it survive the winter in a clay pot outside?
  3. LittleDingus

    Redwood family progression

    This is my redwood family from almost exactly 1 year ago. August 15, 2019 by the timestamp on the photo. The far left is a dawn redwood I had planted from seed back in January of 2019. The middle is a coastal redwood and the far right is a giant sequioa. Both were bought as plugs when the...
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