1. bonsguy

    Seeking Advice: TinyRoots Bonsai Tools Kit

    I am looking to buy a Bonsai tool kit for a beginner. I am overwhelmed by choice. Does anyone have suggestions? I was looking at a 5 piece TinyRoots Bonsai Tools Kit to start: The tools are carbon...
  2. proninyaroslav

    Kamaki tools. Are they any good?

    Does anybody know who manufactures Kamaki tools? Are they decent? I'm interested in their huge Kamaki Z26-K garden shears for quick cutting of new growth in the summer. But I don't know what quality they are, I can only place an order online for a tool and get it, without the possibility of...
  3. Yugen

    Any leads on good tools?

    Anyone have good leads on quality bonsai tools? I'm currently using a set of carbon steel Japanese made from the Lee Valley store. I'm not sure what the Japanese brand is. For comparison, I think the shears cost me about $65 CAD. I want to upgrade to stainless steel. I don't need the best...
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