1. PM0001 2024-02-06 at 16.03.53_f621d320.jpg

    PM0001 2024-02-06 at 16.03.53_f621d320.jpg

    Premna Microphylla formal style
  2. Caleb Campbell

    American Hornbeam #2 Progression, Caleb C.

    Here is another Carpinus Caroliniana I collected in December 2020. It has a rather straight trunk, but has a massive (comparitively) opposing root flare. Will be a nice, straight, shohin+ haha. Wish I got pictures of the roots when I potted it. Upon Collection: Leafed out in February and here...
  3. BonsaiButler

    Little shohin ash

    Just a small Ash I've had for 2 years. I think It will make a nice shohin tree in a couple more years.
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