1. BonjourBonsai

    The Real March Madness

    March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb so they say. Well the lion is making me shuffle my newly repotted trees back in because of the late season cold snap. Share some photos of your March Madness.
  2. Snowy Trees in Vermont

    Snowy Trees in Vermont

  3. CovertNeo

    Reminder, It's Not Spring... Last Winter Shots

    So we got about six inches of snow dumped on us in Southwest Virginia. As I walk through my garage I have a few trees with bursting buds, getting me excited, and keeping me busy. Take one look outside this morning, and I'm reminded that it's not yet spring. I got a couple of shots of one of my...
  4. j evans

    I'm tired of it!

    All I see on here is look at my tree, it's leafing out, look at my flowers, how pretty. Here are my "nice junk trees" Under about 2 feet and more coming. What's fair about this? Just kidding I love all your trees, just letting winter wear me down. Only another month. Carry on! Don't forget...
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