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    Balanced fertilizer for ficus?

    Hey all. I have a ficus religiosa and ficus benghalensis both planted back in November. Just looking for a balanced fertilizer and was wondering if you all can recommend specific brands. Cost isn't really an issue. Thank you in advance!
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    soil componant

    So I'm pretty new to bonsai. I have a few trees that are bonsais in the making and I'm just starting to get a little more experimental. This is something I was going to try as a soil component. It's stoneware clay fired to bisque temperature so it will absorb water. Any thoughts on what else to...
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    Acer Rubrum Fertilizing/Potting Mix??

    Does anyone have any advice on fertilizing a red maple/swamp maple yamadori bonsai? Like what type of fertilizer to use and how often to use it? Brand names are very helpful. The tree is most likely 25-30 years old. Also what soil mixture would you guys recommend? I’m seeing various...
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