1. raenstorming

    What are good species for southeastern Louisiana (9a)’s summers and winters, not limited to natives or very common species?

    I know bald cypresses, yaupon hollies, Drummond red maples, and sweetgums are great (and easy for me to access). Pinus taeda are everywhere but I’m a bit sick of seeing them. There are lots of Viburnum dentatum in my yard, along with Vaccinium elliottii and V. arboreum. I’ve had blue atlas...
  2. the_ungawa

    Tree Identification Help

    Hello Bonsai Nut, I am new to the forum as a poster, but I have lurked off and on for some time. I am not new to bonsai, but I have not kept up with my studies or maintenance of my trees beyond watering, fertilizing, and repotting. I have recently become motivated to "come back" to taking it a...
  3. proninyaroslav

    Help identify trees

    Hello everyone! I have two trees, maybe someone knows what are these species? 1) Young shoots are red, with slight pubescence like a felt 2) (Bird cherry?) Shoots slightly pubescent with short hairs
  4. I

    Mugo pine choice for niwaki?

    Hello! I would like to train a niwaki specimen on a garden slope into a shape resembling “semi cascade,” with about a width of 1.5 m (4-5 feet). Does anyone have a sense of whether I would benefit from either the vigor of the species Mugo pine, or instead by choosing a cultivar that more...
  5. BonsaiAngel

    Species and Troubleshooting x

    Hello everyone xxx Bonsai newbie and lover here! I'm here today to ask if anyone knows what species my bonsai is? (I lost its label) And also to ask for some advice. I've had her home for about a month now and I dont think shes liking her new environment very much. I see some new growth...
  6. SeedlingMeg

    Identifying a Bonsai

    Hi all, Last year I received some great advice on a Chinese Elm Bonsai on this forum and I’m forever grateful for the help! I’ve been learning more about Bonsais and have fallen in love! Recently I’ve been gifted another Bonsai (I think from a generic garden centre) and can’t seem to place...
  7. R

    Indoor or Outdoor

    Coming back to the bonsai world having grown one 20 years ago and failed miserably. This time through I want to really make sure I choose the right kind of tree and now have the time to dedicate some quality time to the art. First question...indoor out out. I like the idea of indoor but feel...
  8. Minnesota Madman

    Collecting permits in Minnesota

    Yo Minnesota. Does anybody have experience with acquiring collecting permits in Minnesota? Does Minnesota offer permits? Cost, limits, species, off limits areas, national forests, state forests, county forfeit lands, times of year ~ really anything specific to Minnesota is going to help people...
  9. M

    Sapling sprouted alongside my tree

    Disclaimer: I'm totally new to bonsai trees - this is my first tree. I was gifted a bonsai tree (tag just said elm, but I'm not sure whether that's accurate) a few months ago, which I've been taking care of. Since I'm very new to this sort of thing, I was wondering whether anyone might be able...
  10. M

    Help with bonsai species

    Hello, I just wanted to ask which kind is my bonsain on the photo? Thank you!
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