1. Warpbud

    Mushroom growing in indoor pot?

    Hello, I'm rather new to this site (and bonsai growing in general). Today I found a mushroom growing alongside my 2 year old Jacaranda Mimosifolia trio. It's been a humid few days, but this is an indoor bonsai and its been at temperatures varying between 68 and 80 degrees. Should I be...
  2. C

    New Chinese Elm - verifying info & seeking advice

    'Tis I again, emerging from my strange little corner of the Tiny Forest to pester y'all wonderful Nuts with some questions & pictures. I recently ordered a beautiful Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia, specifically) from Kawa No Oka Bonsai to finally fill in the Chinese Elm-shaped hole in my...
  3. KleinM

    Neglected Ficus Natalensis

    Hi guys! So I have this Natal ficus and it was severely neglected. No pruning or repotting has been done to it in over 10 years or so. It was very pot bound in a small circular pot (the surface roots are hardened of in a circular pattern) and was potted into its current pot at the beginning of...
  4. B

    My delonix regalia (flame tree) is losing its lower leaves. Any idea why?

    Hi, all. The lower leaves on my delonix are turning yellow in the center and then falling off. However, this is only happening to the leaves on the lower limbs. The leaves on top look very healthy and seem to be thriving. Right now I use rainwater to water mixed with bonsai pro fertilizer...
  5. B

    Should I be doing any work on my delonix/Flame tree and/or Fukien tea now? Pics below. New to this and clueless.

    Or should I wait until sometime next year? I plan on transitioning the delonix to outdoors once the weather stays consistently warm, if that helps any. Thank you!
  6. B

    Indoor lighting - is this a good artificial light for tropical/subtropical tree seedlings? Will it be good as they mature?

    50W LED Grow Lights with UV IR,Shengsite Upgraded Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Bulbs for Indoor Plants, Seedling,Vegetables,Flowers and Fruits,Hydroponics &Organic Plants If it helps I am using this for my Delonix Regia seedling...
  7. B

    When should I start to fertilize my 2 week old seedling?

    It is a Delonix Regia that I am keeping indoors until the weather permits otherwise. This is the first tree seed that I’ve planted. Also, what kind of fertilizer should I use and should I put it in another “pot”. This one came with the kit and I’m not sure how sufficient it is. I have...
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