taxus baccata

  1. Kadebe

    Kadebe's Taxus Baccata

    In October I planted 10 yew baccata. With all of them a tourniquet has been applied Will follow up this thread
  2. Taxus


    First steps
  3. Taxus


  4. Taxus


  5. Taxus


    In the sun
  6. jd_bonsai

    Reliable seed source in USA?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy seeds online? In particular looking for Japanese Black Pine, Japanese White Pine and English Yew. Also seeking some reliable sources for seedlings (1-2 years old) of those species. Thanks
  7. Sn0W

    Can I save a yellow Taxus Baccata?

    So today in a spur of the moment I purchased an English Yew from a garden centre that was 80% off, it's huge and something about it made me fall in love so without really thinking about it I purchased it and ran home. Now the tree is about 5 - 6ft but it's a yellowy colour all over. I know this...
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