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  2. TurtleSquisher

    Hi friends!

    I wanted to introduce myself! I recently got into this ancient hobby back in December and I wanted to start getting into the community since I've basically dedicated 10% of my lifetime to these little guys. I would also love any sort of tips on an improvement, within reason of course. So far...
  3. My bonsai collection got stolen

    My bonsai collection got stolen

    Can we share this post. Last night a couple of people stole my collection. Including a tree that my two year old picked out when he was a baby.
  4. Deep Sea Diver

    Using wood to filter and purify wastewater

    Folks are finding more and more ways that trees can be valuable to human existence. In this recent study MIT engineers used pine and ginkgo (gymnosperm sapwood) xylem tissue for wastewater water filtration.... and then took the idea to India and used native trees to try it out there to good...
  5. Snowy Trees in Vermont

    Snowy Trees in Vermont

  6. mwar15

    Japanese Red pine seedlings For Sale/Trade

    I have 6 Japanese red pine seedlings. These are one that were left in the shade, wire left on too long and a couple I experimented with cutting the buds. They are in 3-4" pots. If you want more pictures let me know. They will be going on the FB auction Sunday (10/29). I don't know what...
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