1. C

    Yixing pots vs no name brand American pots

    What’s the difference between Yixing pots vs no name brand unglazed pots? are they worth it? Do both look better with age? This is my first repotting Project. I’m trying to decide between these: https://www.bonsaivision.com/product-p/bvz200.htm...
  2. YellanBonsaipots

    How about this bonsai basin?

    I want to sell this bonsai basin. I don't know how much it will cost. Please give me an idea. Thank you.It is unglazed.
  3. cockroach

    the Mother Load -Warehouse Full of Pots

    I was going around last week looking for some pots and was pointed towards a shop I thought was a run of the mill small nursery with a few larger pots for pot plants outside. When I got there I realized the store, although only about 6m (18ft) wide, was very deep and double story. It was filled...
  4. sorce

    Kilnin' Myshelf

    Or Shelving my kiln! Got some more shelves today and did a practice stack outside of the kiln. Them new shelves kinda came with this.... Kiln sitter,(auto shut off) is broke, but seems good otherwise... Kinda hoping it DOESN'T work so I can convert it to gas! Unfortunately the elements are...
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