1. Deep Sea Diver

    Request tree identification

    Hello One and All! This I my first special request for an identification. Please help if you can. Situation: Small cluster dug up on friends ye olde farmstead. Tree was positioned between a big flowering quince and a flowering plum tree with bronze leaves. Apple orchard and a Pear tree...
  2. Rivian

    Need help identifying a tree by its leaves

    I found a few small deciduous trees with alternating nodes in the forest, and I dont know what it is but would like to find out more and check if its suitable for bonsai. This is what the leaves look like from above and below. I didnt have my phone with me so I just took a leaf, thats all the...
  3. bhunsai

    New Seedling here, would love help to identify :D

    New Seedling here, would love help to identify these two i have here. named "Garuda" (the tall one, eagle) and "Kurma" (the small one, turtle) I bought these guys after a fair bit of thought went into purchasing a bonsai for my birthday, buuuut the owner had a tonne of them (100-150) and didn't...
  4. 25-6F7BC2F315B3.jpeg


    My triffid after a little t and c
  5. 4973D4A0016A.jpeg


    The triffid grows
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