1. R

    Super small leaves JM?

    Look at what I found in a planter. Those are centimeters, not inches. Anyone guess the cultivar name? Cause I have no idea. The plant was about 1.4 meters tall, with very low graft union if any. Trunk was maybe 7cm diameter, from memory.
  2. parhamr

    Large urban-dori yew

    Five blocks from where I live is a recently-razed double lot slated to become apartments. I've been watching this place for a while and waiting for the right season and weather; today was the right day. After making peace with the woman living next door and promising to not touch her rose...
  3. Chinese Juniper (Informal Upright)

    Chinese Juniper (Informal Upright)

    Bonsai Artist: Amy Liang Chang Species: Juniperus chinensis Exhibited At: Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection This informal upright juniper, which is truly penjing not bonsai, is a true favorite at the collection. It has been a penjing since 1962. Bright afternoon light spilling over the...
  4. Golden Gate

    Golden Gate

    relatively untrained for the last five years, ready to begin working on this tree again summer 2007
  5. Pinus Mugo Mugus

    Pinus Mugo Mugus

    3 gallon nursery tree cultivated as a bonsai for ten years.
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