1. TomRVA

    Big Ol Bloodgood

    Here’s a tree I collected from a neighbors yard who was going to have it chopped down. It was initially about a 15/20 foot tree , I went out in late December 2021 ( not ideal time but it survived!) and dug it up- it was a decent amount of work to get it out and boxed up. Here are some progress...
  2. H

    Virginian, new to Bonsai.

    Hello all, I am wanting to start some Bonsai trees. I don't know much and that is why I am posting here to get some direction. I am actually thinking of growing from seedling. I have experience with seedling growth. First of all are there any good guidebooks for starting Bonsai? Maybe a...
  3. Virginia Pine

    Virginia Pine

    A clump windswept Virginia Pine. I wonder if clump windswept is a catagory ;)
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