white pine bonsai

  1. A

    Was repotting a mistake?

    Hi. I have bought my first proper bonsai from a nursery online, from Germany, a Japanese white pine. It took 5 days to receive it in Romania, where I live (both countries are in Europe with similar weather). When I got the pine it was in good condition: I noticed that the soil was very...
  2. Maya

    White pine (to small grow this year)

    Hi, my White Pine is imported from Japan. She is about 45 years old. I noticed that new games this year have grown very small. Compared to last year's needles, they stay small enough and don't grow. It's just the beginning of August. it seems to me that this is somehow not normal. What's going...
  3. alex_m

    Pinus Peuce Yamadori from Bulgaria. Is is worth the try?

    Hello everyone! Since snow is gone and it is times of isolation and social distancing, I spend most of my time in the mountains back home in Bulgaria, discovering new trails and wandering around magical century old pine forests. There are so many gorgeous little trees.. Just a couple of days...
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