white spots

  1. D

    Red maple white spots on leaves 🍁🍁🍁

    This morning I noticed white spots on couple of leaves on my red maple, I didn't notice them yesterday when I watered. Is this something I need to be worried/treated before it gets worse. Placement: Outdoor patio Sunlight: Full sunlight from morning to noon.
  2. janaiya

    I just saw this on my BRT - fungus, mildew? What I need to do?

    I just saw those white grey spots on a few branches and than found a few new leaves on the top part of the tree with white stains . Any ideas? Should I cut those leaves off? What should I do? Please help ! I am going from one scare to another.
  3. Sean Walker

    Please Help/what happened ?

    I have a Fukien Tea Tree that I got back in July. It's health was good for a few months (new leaves and flowers). I was taking it outside during the day and letting it sit in the sun and bringing it back in over night. I was watering only when the soil got dryish on the surface lightly spritzing...
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