1. J

    White Growth in soil of my Plants Safe or Unsafe Any Advice?

    Could it be minerals from the water I’m using I am using bottled water to water my plants. I don’t know if that makes a difference but it’s forming little white balls in the soil on all of my plants. Any tips or advice? And I do not know what the one with the flowers is called if anyone does...
  2. R

    White Mould good or bad?

    Hi all, new here. I got my first bonsai. It was stored in an outdoor greenhouse but is an indoor plant. I took it home, put it in place (window with natural light) but the following day i noticed this on the soil. Is this an issue for the plant? Or just symbiotic with the soil and tree?
  3. legobonsaipianoman

    Serissa Foetida White Powder on the Soil and Trunk

    Hi everyone, I have a Serissa Foetida that I have had for about 2 or 3 months now. It was in horrible potting soil that held too much water, so I repotted it into some soil I made from fullers earth, perlite, and organics. The tree didn't have any of the white powder on it before I repotted...
  4. Picco

    Hello Everyone...

    Just wanted to say hello, my JWP is been doing great. Still a newbie year, going on 5months now. Tho its fall and as it gets colder, I wanted to ask your input on "winterizing" to prevent any damage from any freezing temps that are just around the corner. Im in Zone 7A, right now the nights...
  5. Picea Glauca

    Picea Glauca

    White Spruce
  6. Goyomatsu


    White pine grafted on black pine
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