1. Wild Black Cherry bonsai literati slant style bunjin

    Wild Black Cherry bonsai literati slant style bunjin

    Repotted in February into a pot that it could be wired into place better. Also made it a little more upright. It's 22 inches tall but was around 10 feet tall when collected in 2020.
  2. Japanese Privet bonsai

    Japanese Privet bonsai

    Privet after trimming some 2022 summer growth. Collected in 2018.
  3. Blooming Japanese Privet bonsai

    Blooming Japanese Privet bonsai

    Spring 2022 blooms
  4. A

    Inspiring trees around me

    this tree in my backyard has the best twisty branches. I’m pretty sure that the owner grafted one or two of branches because they’re a different bark and growth type but the way they grow is wild. One of the main trunks also snapped off during ice storm Urie last year and is a great asymmetric...
  5. W

    In ground root training?

    Over View - My family owns a large plot of land in central Ohio. Beech, hornbeam, oak , redbud. ERC, several pine . There are several stands of beech trees. I want to start the process of collecting several trees. With the larger trees say 2in plus thick truck. I have given several the chop a...
  6. bluone23

    A walk in the forest

    I few weeks ago I was walking through the forest. As a bonsai enthuziast I took a few pics Tree 1 It could be a beautiful literati. Can’t figure out the species. Also could be very difficult to collect. Tree 2 This fagus broke maybe in a storm and new grouth started. Its 10cm diameter at the...
  7. cole morton

    Collection Rules on Vacocouver Island (BC)

    I am new to Bonsai, and am very interested in collecting specimens from the wild (Along highways, in parks .etc). However I am having an extremely difficult time finding anything about the regulations surrounding recreational plant collection. Does anyone know of general rules/where to find...
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