1. veles616

    Last year air layering

    Last year I tried airlayering some trees and the biggest branch that made it was one from my salix caprea, I left it alone to recover till this year. The main thing I'm learning right now is patience which I have none. There are a ton of mistakes in this picture and I'm asking you for you...
  2. A

    Potential rust on willow

    Hi everyone! Technically my first post but long time lurker. My largest willow cutting that I got on a lark appears to have gotten a potential fungal infection from our latest downpour (or I assume that’s what the orange dots are). I know that the top evidently has dieback and I need to chop...
  3. veles616

    Wild willow air layering

    Hello, First of all excuse my english, I'm translating from my mind so some phrases might come out silly. Since i was little i loved looking at bonsai trees and always wished to have one, sadly the first and only bonsai i ever had didn't survive cause my lack of knowledge and common sense as a...
  4. L

    Willow Tea

    I made a batch of "willow tea" ... Basically it's new growth from a willow tree soaked in water.. I made it to root some cuttings I took.. It made me wonder, would this be a good thing to add to bonsai water? Half of bonsai seems to be the development of roots. You would think hitting them...
  5. L

    Willow Air Prune

    I bought a weeping pussy willow from meijer. It has a long straight trunk, and then a cool looking top has been grafted onto it. I want to discard the trunk and keep the top. So, I thought air prune it... Then it occured to me that air pruning might not work on a willow... I've included a...
  6. 121A02F3-038D-4E5D-927A-12F43BED8E62.jpeg


    Nishiki willow
  7. ionca

    I rooted weeping willow from a branch

    What is the timeline for growing this into bonsai?
  8. R

    First Willow, How to Pot and With What Soil?

    Hi everyone, this is the first time I've posted here. I recently bought a dwarf blue leaf arctic willow. I know willows require a lot of water compared to many plants. Can I take this need into consideration by using soil that has a very high water retention or is that not enough? I am waiting...
  9. BonsaiButler

    Multi trunk willow

    Here is one of the willows I have been working on for the last year. I collected it at the beginning of summer last year and let it grow wild (It grew very fast). After the leaves fell I thought I would try to put some wire on it and begin sorting out some of the numerous branches, and try to...
  10. Salix type unknown

    Salix type unknown

    Semi cascade Salix from Yamadori Stock. Overall height of tree from pot to highest point on tree 3.5" span of branching in cascade 10"
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