1. N

    Japanese Black Pine Browning/Yellowing Advice

    Hey All! Got a Japanese black pine from the nursery a month ago and planted it into the ground this summer. I planted it on a mound to help with drainage and have been watering ~ 3 days or so. It gets about 5-8h hours of sunlight a day. I got my soil tested and nutrients are plentiful with...
  2. H

    I need help for my little tree

    A friend gave me this tree as a gift. He told me it is an indoor tree and I kept him indoors. Later I saw the leafs going yellow. I did a quick research and figured out it is an outdoor tree I put him outside right away, but he has not had any improvement in the past week. He is still yellow...
  3. C

    Yellow colored water draining out from Bonsai?!

    Hello Bonsai Nuts, Im a newbie to bonsai, found my first (and only still) Juniper Bonsai while browsing a random nursery i found and It was love at first sight. Since then Ive been doing my best to learn everything I can to take proper care of my little Bonsai, and i was doing pretty ok i...
  4. jazzaero

    Boxwood issues

    A couple months back I wanted to experiment after taking a local bonsai class. The teacher really stressed planting into inorganic substrate. I went and bought a boxwood and some shale to give it a shot. I chopped the plant up, without knowing what I was doing, and replanted into the shale and...
  5. M

    Yellowness in my Bonsai

    Hello! Some of you might remember my thread "Juniper Bonsai". So, I wired it, I dont think of prunning it until next year or repotting it. A little branch seemed to have gone yellow! What does this mean? Here in South Texas there have been some weather changes. Also, I am not fertilizing the...
  6. S

    BRT please help

    Hi everyone. I am really new to bonsai. Someone got me a Brazilian Rain Tree as a gift, knowing that I miss my gardening and plant care, now that I've moved to a tiny apartment in a big city. Unfortunately, I don't have outdoor space which is why this person got me an "indoor bonsai". I know...
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