1. J

    Juniper Pro Nana health help

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I need some help ID'ing what is happening to my young Juniper Pro Nana. I brought this plant plant home from a local nursery about a month ago. Since then I have noticed some gradual yellowing of the plant and I'm not sure whats happening. Here are...
  2. wwtigraww

    Araucaria Norfolk island pine baby

    got this pretty baby and really excited. long work ahead but hopefully will be with it! im hoping for help to grow it as cascade , but if you have suggestion I would be delighted!
  3. Z

    Need advice on Chinese juniper

    Just bought this juniper and wired the trunk a bit. Should I prune it and if so, how? Techiniques? Should I let it grow for a while and not touch it? I am new to bonsai and am eager to learn. It's got a bunch of new growth but the branches are long on one side and short on the other...I just...
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