A little help for a novice fucshia grower?


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Kent, England
hey everyone i hope you're all enjoying the holidays (if you have them :)). I have just been given an "old-looking fuschia" and thought i'd have a little play with it. The plant is four years old, was used to propagate, seems to be in good condition and has nice looking bark and (apparently) flowers going for it.

Having no experience in growing fucshia as bonsai and after finding conflicting advice online any help with the following questions would be appreciated:

1. Do fuschias, as a tropical plant, require a dormant period; if so would they need substantial frost protection?
2. Is growing this plant in the ground going to speed up trunk growth and would it survive dying back in the winter?
3. Is it likely to backbud along the trunk after pruning?

the plant in question is the one attached below. obviously the lower branches on the left and behind are going to go, but apart from that i'm not too sure on the direction of this plant. After another years growth i'll start plotting it's future. Any comments/suggestions will be more than welcome as i am very nearly clueless :D.

Edited: ok my bad on the photo upload, it's massive, i'll learn it for next time. also the trunk has better movement than shown here, poor photography on my part, but i'm learning, slowly
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