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Hey yall...... Im buff. Im new to this forum and am already really likeing it. Im a member over at the forums at
I live with my pregnant wife (baby will come any day now) in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and am going to Bible school at Rhema Bible Training Center. Im a 25 year old married man who started doing bonsai about 2 years ago and killed my first boxwood.... lol. I now have alot more trees and am still learning all that i can. Although i have only two J. Black Pine seedlings, them and maples are my favorite followed closely behind by azaleas.
I hope this site will give me the same if not more then my other forum...... Thanks yall.
The people here are great. I read a lot of the old posts just to try to pick up something new. My wife and I have been to OK a few times, Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

thanks..... yea ive seen several people on here that are on my other forum.... ill be reading alot for a while on here.
Yea i pretty much grew up in tulsa.... im sort of tired of Oklahoma though.... lol
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