Can anyone ID this ...??


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Someone told me it is a Chinese Sweet Plum but I really don't think so.
I purchased it at a local nursery here in Maryland and since have seen it growing locally also....
Actually, it is extreemly fast growing,,,needs root pruning every year.


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Yep, looks exactly like a common Privet, except for getting a closer look. Don't worry, they can make very nice Bonsai and take a lot of abuse.

Bob (too)
I am definitly leaning to privet but I cannot find any pictures to confirm...all the ones I see have glossy waxy leaves.....
Mine are thin leaves and not glossy......
Should I still think Privet ??
I believe its a ligustrum sinensis, or a chinese privet. It's not a sageretia because this species has peeling bark and the leafs are diferent.
Bingo !!!
Exactly...I Googled "ligustrum sinensis/ chinese privet" and found the images to be exactly like my tree.....
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