Do u move ur plants when it rains?

And at what 283 average days ofrain,you guys votedfor Xanax in the water right Steve????:cool:
Pretty much Bill. It's been at it's best the last two weeks. Thought I was going to sprout gills today
Like most things bonsai: location, location, location, species, species species.... lol.
Thesteve and I have pretty much the same climate so with my pines I do move them to drier areas of the yard as we can get weeks of rain from Oct-June....especially my pondy that came north west from south of the border many years ago.....I'm a long way from its natural geographic distribution.
Cheers Graham
I do not move the plant when the rain come but some time whose plant is small they move to the other place but now i am afraid to move the plant because once times i move then all the plant is damaged which is moved...

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