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Campbell River BC Canada
Hi Folks,
Can you remember your first one? This will be mine...... the Pacific North West Bonsai Club Association’s 20th annual Convention “Bonsai Without Borders”, which is being held this weekend in Victoria, B.C. Canada from Oct2-4th. Workshops include; David Rowe, David Easterbrook, Quingquan Zhoa and Tak Yamaura.
As you can imagine I'm excited to be able to attend and hopefully will meet a few of you there.
Cheers G.
I can tell you for sure that if you see Easterbrooks demo/workshop you will be better for it, he does a great job. We had him at the Mid Atlantic this past April, his larch knowledge is huge.

My first was the Mid Atlantic. Be sure to get to the vendors area early, and bring lots of money.
What a great event.

It was a great time and I took in (as an observer) all the workshops and demos. I was able to pick up a lot of information from all the artists and from listening to workshop participants the “stock” for this convention was really great (especially the collected mountain hemlocks, shore pines and eastern larch).
I believe there were over 100 with full registration and the auctions during the evening meals/banquet were a lot of fun too.
I must put in a plug for our little local club (with less than 16 members) – as Anton’s monster mountain hemlock (Hm) got best in show and Peters Hm got second in the peoples choice.
I did take some pictures but I’m hoping that Ms Vic and Eric did too and will post them as my photography skills are not the greatest.
Cheers Gman
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