:) Had a great day- Can you tell me about these pots?


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Nipomo, CA
I reconnected with an old friend of the family at the local gym. He's a first generation Japanese American and we started working out together on occasion. About 6 months ago we started talking about Japanese Culture and his trips to Japan. I told him my main hobby in life is Bonsai. To my surprise he told me he use to be really into Bonsai as well, was even in the local club in the later 80's. He told me he got out of Bonsai to focus on Karate-which he is now a black belt and teaches classes ever week. But, he still had a bunch of pot's he diden't want anymore. I told him I would buy them from him, but he told me he just wanted them to go to someone who would appreciate them. I called him a couple times but he always told me he was busy. I stopped calling because I felt bad and diden't want to bug him too much. 6 months later he randomly calls me and says to come pick them up..

There were about 25 in total. Most were non-antique Chinese-mid-low grade. But there were some really cool one's IMO. I really don't know a ton about pot's but below are a few pics of some of the nicer one's. I believe these were all purchase in the 80's, I have done an initial scrub with warm water, but they still need some attention. Can you tell me anything about them? Sorry-i'm sure I posted some of the chop's upside down.











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your friend was generous. These are all Tokoname. I'd say they're medium range, not the hand signed top end stuff, but still great containers.

Some are in rough shape. REmoving lime stains is not easy. Good luck with that.:D:eek:

The two glazed pots are fine, but the workmanship on the unglazed pieces looks to be a bit better. The second glazed pot, the one with the "Japan" stamped on the bottom, MIGHT be an older container, as Japanese exports in the 50's-70's or so carried those kinds of markings. "Made in Japan" and the like.

All this is, of course speculation. I could be VERY wrong. The quality of a pot can't really be accurately determined without actually touching it and picking it up.
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