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Hello all. Does anyone know where I can find more of these growing containers. I'm not sure what they are officially called so I am having difficulty searching for them100_0150.jpg on Google. Its about 16" X16" X 5".

Thank you.

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They are Anderson grow flats ... great training pot! Would help if we knew your location to point you in the right direction
Sorry, forgot to let you know my location. I live in Iowa. I know that American Horticultural Supply Inc. in CA makes them but can't find a distributor that carries Anderson propagation flats. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

wow I didn't they cost that much...

I've bought pre-bonsai material in those containers for less than $20. I guess half of that was for the pot :D
Much cheaper, although a $50 minimum order may be required. You could always order fert to bring it order up to the min. order.
This is a recycle of a bonsai nut posting on the same topic. Search the forums upon the assumption that someone has asked the same question before.
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They may be expensive when ready made, but they're also quite makable. Four boards of whatever width and breadth you want (treated or old wood), and a piece of screening tacked on the bottom. Four 1-inch dowels at the corners for legs.
Just got my Anderson flats in yesterday. Thanks Tom and danamitu! Stuewe & Sons are pretty nice to work with. The flats were very reasonable (APPROX. $3.50/flat). Thanks again.

Dave you can get many sizes and shapes of pots like that at your local hydroponics store. Al is a fan of said stores ;) . As an added benefit, you can pick up some humic acid while you are there!
Anderson Flats are awesome. They are very very sturdy and seem to hold up very well in the sun. They are definitely of stronger grade than pond baskets. One thing I've noticed is that yamadori collectors will cut them in half and attach a thin wooden board on the cut side to pot smaller collected material.

I bought mine from the same vendor linked by Ray. I found that there were a number of bonsai sellers that charged considerable markups for the flats, so like most things, it's cheaper when you can cut the middleman out.

Don from Gregory Beach Bonsai also sells some heavy duty plastic squat containers of various sizes. You might want to check with him too. I haven't used the ones he is selling, but they look pretty sturdy.
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