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Lakeland, Florida
I am posting a couple of pictures of a juniper I have been growing on for a few years.
The first one is how the tree has been left, the branches have been pulled down to let light into the interior of the tree while growing the potential jin branches larger. The second picture is what I trimmed off so I could get a decent picture of the trunk and nebari.
I was recently given 6 shimpaku to use as grafting stock (thanks Graydon), the plan is to graft branches of shimpaku on and change all the foliage. All the low branches will be jins in the future. I could not shoot the tree from any other angles as there are branches growing from all directions that I am not willing to cut off yet.
This tree has not had any wire on it except to pull branches down to allow light in, all that movement is natural and the reason I bought the tree even though it was not the best foliage for bonsai.
There is a jin at about 27 inches above soil level that was the apex of the tree when I bought it, I cut it back there a few years ago and will most likely use that as the top of the tree when it is styled. This project is still many years away from a show pot (obviously) but I want to get some feedback about the tree as it is now and opinions about grafting branches on. I would like to graft to the branch at approx
14" up, what do you think about the branches at 10 and 11 " up? The one at 10" points at the front of the tree ( or what is currently thought to be the front) and the one at 11" is inside a curve.

I am not a huge fan of juniper (in my collection) but this one sang to me.




Sorry for the differences in color, I took this picture at a different exposure and white balance, but it shows the top of the tree better than the closeup in picture # 2

I think you first have to do the grafting on first and then re-evaluate the design later on. Looks like a long term project to me.
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