"KINSHU" Bonsai Award


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Nipomo, CA
Is this the first year this competition is being held through GSBF? If not are there any links to previous competitions?
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This award goes back many years. It has been hit and miss, never administered by people that will stay with it. Award funds in past years dried up and GSBF went thru some rough patches in the last five years. They are doing better and the Kinshu award is a byproduct of that. You will also note that the New talent competition will also end this year at GSBF due to ABS cancelling its convention.

GSBF will probably be the last survivor of the convention as we know it.

I'd really like to see some pics of the last "KINSHU" Bonsai Award's if there are any.

Sad to hear about Bonsai Conventions drying up. I'm going to the convention this year and I went last year. I will make a donation as well. How else can I help?
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