Need help removing large JBP roots

I really have no idea what was done at the original repot but from those last two pictures, it essentially looks like the tree is sitting in a pot with 2 completely different soil types… the original soil mass looks very organic/ peat heavy while the outer layer is large grained pumice. This situation poses great difficulties in watering as the water will move rapidly through the outer layer while barely wetting the peat, which will dry further and eventually become hydrophobic. When I repot trees in peat based soil, I tend to be very aggressive removing the soil from the entire periphery of the root ball as well as under the base. I’ll leave lots of bare rooted roots in these areas and then have the new aggregate soil worked into them. Doing this assures that there are adequate roots in both types of soil. Fwiw, my plan with that material would have been to saw the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the root ball off then bare root 50% of the remaining root mass so I could work my aggregate soil into the bare rooted portion.
Looking back, wish I went a little harder on the roots. That way it can dry out properly
Sorry for the loss. When was the tree styled? Styling and then repotting within the first growing season is very tricky to accomplish.
I have a large field grown JBP with some large roots in the center of root mass. I’ve tried removing it with my root cutter but it’s not doing much to it. Actually caused a small burr line on the inside of one blade. Any idea on what else I can try? I don’t want to further damage root cutter and or the pine. Thank you in advance
crap. that sucks.

Lessons often involve casualties.
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