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Victoria Australia
Bonsai Vault is pleased to announce that a new concept has been created for the bonsai community. This is an interactive forum which will be chaired by Will Heath who will host ten people in each session. The 'live forum' will last for around an hour depending on how much content there is to get through. The transcript will be posted after the event for public perusal.
Please find below how Will presents the concept.

The Art and Design Theory Study Group will focus on practical application of artistic design principles as applied to creating visually pleasing bonsai. The traditional 1, 2, 3, right branch, back branch, left branch approach to bonsai design will not be discussed, instead we will practice not focusing on the "rules" when critiquing bonsai, but instead learning how to focus on the image, not the techniques used to create it.

Discussion will be centered on why or why not an image works as a whole, without concentrating on the parts. In short, we will attempt to develop the mind of the viewer, not the creator.

Bonsai from advanced artists from around the world will be used as examples and for critique material to base discussion on. Participants will be expected to voice and explain their thoughts behind their comments. Later, participants can post their own trees.

The direction this study group will take will be dependent on the discussions and may change
randomly, as we follow the course.

Detail can be viewed at... in the User Groups section on the header.

Ash :)

Dates and times will be announced shortly. Space is limited; please sign up early to avoid waiting for the next group schedule.
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