Procumbens 2003-2007

Thomas J.

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This is one of the first few procumbens junipers I purchased back in 2003 when I decided to give them a try. I purchased it a local bonsai nursery which probably a couple hundred to choose from all in different phases of styling. since I was new to them I decided to try some that were priced under
a hundred dollars.

This one caught my eye not because of what it looked like at the time, but what I saw in the future for it. I felt confident enough that I would be able to do a restyle on it and be quite satisified with it.


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I was having fun working on the styling of it and trying different pots to see which one would work best. At this point I thought everything was going to be alright. I didn't stop to think that I was still fairly new with this sprcies and that significant mistakes could still happen.


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As I found out the hard way, my pinching was to aggressive and my feeding program wasn't up to the standards these trees require. That coupled with the awful hot summers we have here Tx., the
tree was being set up for a big strees that would alter its looks because of die back in just about all areas of the branch structure.

After almost calling it quits with this one, I redid my feeding and brought it back to a juniper bush that needed to be restyled again. this is the new look now. It still needs more refinement, but I believe we're on the right track.:D


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The one constant in Bonsai is change.
Forever evolving.
Thomas, You definitely found the silver lining with your mishap. I prefer the current version to the prior one. Not that the previous version was bad. Just this one has a better feel to it. More proportioned I guess. Nice come back!
I much prefer the newer, leaner version. I think your trunk is far too thin for the first incarnation, but in this one, you are arriving at a very pleasing proportion. Great work as always!
I think your trunk is far too thin for the first incarnation

Yeah that's for sure. That was another one of my mistakes, forgetting the proportion thing in my rush to have a nice styled foliage on my tree. I'm just glad I looked at it again and was able to do something positive with it before I gave it away or worst yet chucked it out.:eek:
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