Seiju Elm Weird Leaf Growth.


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Outside Sacramento, CA
Hi all, when I was out in the yard today I noticed these weird growths on one of my Seiju elms. The growths start after the branch extends about 3-4 inches, then the leaf tips start looking blotchy and some of them have these weird maroon colored growths. It is a deformity that litteraly pops up on the leaf. It looks somewhat like peach leaf curl on peach or nectarine trees. I'm not sure if it's a fungus, genetic freak, or what. The tree was sprayed this winter with Neem oil/soap mix, was mainly concerned about overwintering pests like scale, which I have a constant battle with thanks to ants. There are a couple plain Chinese elms right next to it that do not show signs of the growths at all. I've had this tree almost 3 years and never seen these weird growths. Any ideas?
Mary B.


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Keep your trees out of the rain and do not water the leaves at all. We are having really weird weather right now and should be much warmer that we are by now. I'm not complainin, I like this cool weather but fungus is a real problem right now. Stay diligent!
So you're thinking fungus? Could it be a similar fungus to peach leaf curl that once it starts the weird growth there's nothing that can be done until next winter when it's dormant? Is there maybe something I should spray then or now? Cut off all the obvious deformed leaves?
Upon further reflection this tree is getting more shade than in years past because I had to move all the trees in the area it used to be in across the yard. This was fine when the large trees nearby were dormant but they are now leafed out and getting shadier by the day.
Mary B.
Today I cut open some of the polyps with my fingernail and each one had a tiny bug inside. They kinda looked like a little crab but are so tiny it was hard to see. Has anyone heard of this kind of bug that would cause that kind of reaction by the tree? Should I get some systemic treatment?
Mary B.
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